Liquor/Wine Bottle Lock


If You don't love your drinks you won't protect them. However, If you do, here is why you would love to own this device :
  • Safeguard your wine and liquor at home with a leak free combination lock. 
  • A Perfect Gift - Your friends will love this little yet useful gift from you.

  • Great for preventing children, teens or roommates drinking your booze - Lock in your three-digit combination (keys free) and keep the contents in your bottle safe and secure.

  • Fits most wine and beer bottles as well as some liquor bottles.


Step 1: Press the round button on the top and open the lock ( initial password: 000 )

Step 2: Press and hold the interior button

Step 3: Adjust the number on top to set a new password

Step 4: Release and restore the button, password setting will be finished


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 43 mm * 43 mm
  • Function: To help keep the wine fresh and keep the wine from being stolen
  • Environmental Standards: Europe and Nickel, Lead, Cadmium free


  • 1 x Lock



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